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The inevitable letdown happens when there is no clear plan to bring the vision to life. You need persistence.

The First Year

And empathy. And mostly, you need the resources to keep showing up, peeling off one person after another, surrounding a cultural problem with a cultural solution. Socialization of the brand vision must be accompanied by a customer charter and transformation roadmap: a CXM Playbook which spells out the business case for change; draws a compelling portrait of customer needs through the use of vivid personas; provides a clear set of operating values and principles; and outlines a long-term strategy for reaching the highest level of maturity: a unified customer experience.

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Customer loyalty, as most CEOs now realize, is a weathervane for market success. Loyal customers matter — more than ever. A CXM Playbook strikes a judicious balance between idealism and pragmatism.

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Using customer journey maps as a compass, it throws a spotlight on the obvious fractures in the customer experience: those pain points, service anomalies, disconnected processes or operational black holes which cause the most grief. But that just stops the erosion in customer loyalty. Creative design is required to achieve ideal state: where customers feel they are being treated respectfully and consistently as the relationship evolves over time.

More than that, the experience must become synonymous with the parts of their lives that matter the most. A simple analogue is the relationship between sports fans and their teams; between concert goers and bands; between wine lovers and wineries: shared obsessions that lead to a passionate and purposeful connection. There is also the difficulty of institutionalizing customer first thinking. The instinct of most businesses is to take a top-down approach to goal-setting, declaring ambitious plans for growth, in the sole interest of pleasing shareholders. The progressive thinking CEO is trapped between two diametrically opposed forces: customers intolerant of being plundered and corporate ownership insistent on maximizing earnings.

The only way to cure this corporate myopia is to draw the link between brand health and customer loyalty look at Jeff Bezos: he kept impatient Amazon shareholders at bay for years knowing the repeat purchase ratio would eventually tilt in his favour.

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There is a reason, after all, that the net promoter score, valued for its simplicity, has risen to the top of the corporate measurement hierarchy: customer loyalty, as most CEOs now realize, is a weathervane for market success. The purpose of the Playbook is to future proof the business, laying the groundwork for transformation. That is why the CXM Playbook needs to spell out exactly what it will take to drive the loyalty score to the same stratospheric heights as those companies at the top of the NPS leaderboard: USAA, Apple, Nordstrom, Disney, Southwest Airlines, all of them dominant in their respective categories.

It points the way to creating signature experiences that leave a memorable impression; to better orchestration of cross-channel interactions; to unification of all customer communications; to co-creation and brand participation; to the extension of the value proposition.

All of that means rewiring the planning process by incorporating data-driven insights into strategy development, and reengineering the customer experience around the different stages of the relationship lifecycle. It also means adopting a new funding formula, directing investment dollars to where they are most likely to increase the lifetime value of customers.

A complete reset is usually needed to change the operating model, stretched out in carefully planned phases to minimize the shock waves.

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Each phase builds on the foundational work completed in previous stages to move progressively toward an ideal state. An example of a transformation track would be Data Management since insight is so dependent on a single, unified view of the customer laying out the steps required to improve the quality of the database.

In order to win approval, a transformation initiative is typically subjected to a simple test, weighing the expected impact on customer loyalty against the difficulty of implementation. Or an initiative might be given a free pass simply because so many other changes are dependent on it.

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  4. Even after the project plans are in place, they need to be revisited at various intervals, depending on the velocity of change in the business environment. The secret to success of any customer experience transformation is to keep the sights of the project trained on the far horizon while marching forward at a steady measured pace. Power president Gerard Justin announced Kenna as the replacement for playing coach Daniel Beard, who stepped down after the Warrnambool and District Football Netball League grand final last month.

    It was runner-up to Timboon Demons on September 6. Kenna played in , '96 and '01 premierships with Kolora before contributing to , '05 and '08 premierships in the Hampden league with Terang Mortlake.

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    Justin described the Power's new coach as a quality midfielder and person. This is a familiar and sometimes painful conversation for security teams.


    So how should we decide what to fix? We asked our audience to help us hypothesize, and interestingly the vast majority theorized that the reason is that the vulnerabilities were not exploitable, or were too difficult to exploit in practice:.

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    How much coverage do we need in order to ensure that we cover the set of vulnerabilities which will eventually be exploited? And, more importantly, how can we best identify these yet-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities?

    We spent some time discussing where that set should go and eventually ended up putting it over a set of vulnerabilities that DAST found with some smaller amount of overlap with SAST.