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By the time I took to Facebook, this little guy had eaten and slowly his inquisitive, loving personality started creeping into my heart. I found myself avoiding any response to my Facebook post, I was scared we found the owners but it was inevitable with the power of social media. Today I find myself sitting in my lounge working on my laptop lonely, this little cat brought so much joy into my life.

Taine's Wish : "I wish for a pet dragon"

I still believe that having a pet with my current lifestyle is selfish, but maybe this is a good reason to make some changes. During her recovery from the life-saving surgery, she transformed into a dog lover thanks to visits from hospital therapy dogs. Every check-in from a therapy dog was a happy occasion for Eity. They determined that she was eligible for a wish … but it would have to wait until after her surgery.

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That gave Eity some time to think. By the time she returned from the mainland, Eity knew what wish would mean the most to her. She wished to have a puppy with brown fur.

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The Hawaiian Humane Society contacted Make-A-Wish and offered to let Eity meet a litter of puppies that had been abandoned at a marina. By then, they were healthy, microchipped, vaccinated and ready for forever homes. Her wish-granting volunteers arranged for her to enjoy the shopping spree, but they left out one small and furry detail — that her wish would also come true that day. Christina, who works for the Hawaiian Humane Society, watches Eity come face-to-face with a squirming, wriggling, floppy mass of eager puppies.

She and her mom sit on a blanket to watch the littermates play. Eity and Kuku have already come a long way in their lives. And Kuku … from being a puppy abandoned at a marina to being the newest member of a loving home.

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There are endless wonderful possibilities for Eity and Kuku. We really have no idea what amazing events they can experience together. The promise of their future is boundless. Life is already better than ever for Eity and Kuku. Greater Bay Area chapter. Michigan chapter.

Connecticut chapter.

5 Things I Wish Every Pet Owner Knew

Return to mobile version. You regret that you cannot experience the same pleasure of having a dog in the current moment.

So, going back to the first sentence: rather than "I wish I would have a dog", I might say "I wish I had had a dog", which has the meaning of wanting to own a dog but at a specific time in the past. Interestingly enough, this sentence can also be shortened to "I wish I had a dog as a child" and it would have the same meaning.

This brings me to the conclusion that the second sentence by itself can be interpreted in various ways, and that you can change your intended meaning through adding details. Your intended meaning can also be inferred from the context - from example, if you had been talking about childhood regrets, then it is a regret of the past.

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Kequan Xu Kequan Xu 21 5 5 bronze badges. So, I will begin with the second: I would agree that you would say "I wish I had a dog" in a situation where you don't have a dog and something happens that prompts you to say this - perhaps you see your neighbours playing with their dog and you wish you could do that too.

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