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Kabbalah distinguishes between two types of Divine light that emanate through the 10 Sephirot Divine emanations from the Infinite Ein Sof , to create or affect reality. The continual flow of an immanent lower light "Mimalei Kol Olmin" , the light that "fills all worlds" is the creating force in each descending world that itself continually brings into being from nothing, everything in that level of existence.

It is this light that undergoes the concealments and contractions as it descends downward to create the next level, and adapts itself to the capacity of each created being on each level.

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A transcendent higher light "Sovev Kol Olmin" , the light that "surrounds all worlds" would be the manifestation on a particular level of a higher light above the capacity of that realm to contain. This is ultimately rooted in the infinite light "Ohr Ein Sof" that preceded Creation, the Tzimtzum and the Sephirot, rather than the source of the immanent light in the "Kav" first emanation of creation after the Tzimtzum , in the teachings of Isaac Luria. Consequently, all the worlds are dependent for their continual existence on the flow of Divinity they constantly receive from the Divine Will to create them.

Creation is continuous. The faculty of Divine Will is represented in the Sephirot 10 Divine emanations by the first, supra-conscious Sephirah of "Keter"-Crown, that transcends the lower 9 Sephirot of conscious intellect and emotion. Once the Divine Will is manifest, then it actualises Creation through Divine Intellect, and "subsequently" Divine Emotion, until it results in action. The reference to temporal cause and effect is itself a metaphor. The psychology of man also reflects the "Divine psychology" of the Sephirot , as "Man is created in the image of God" Genesis In man the activation of willpower through intellect and emotion until deed, requires time and subsequent cause and effect.

In the Divine Sephirot and their activation of Creation, this does not apply, as limitations only apply to Creation. The Book of Job states that "from my flesh I see God". In Kabbalah and Hasidism this is understood to refer to the correspondence between the "Divine psychology" of the Four Worlds and the Sephirot, with human psychology and the Sephirot in the soul of man. From understanding the Kabbalistic description of the human soul, we can grasp the meaning of the Divine scheme.

Ultimately, this is seen as the reason that God chose to emanate His Divinity through the 10 Sephirot, and chose to create the corresponding chain of four Worlds called the " Seder hishtalshelus "-"order of development". He could have chosen to bridge the infinite gap between the Ein Sof and our World by a leap of Divine decree.

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  6. Instead the Sephirot and Four Worlds allow man to understand Divinity through Divine manifestation, by understanding himself. The verse in Genesis of this correspondence also describes the feminine half of Creation: Genesis "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him, male and female created He them". Consequently, some of the Sephirot are feminine, and the Shechina immanent Divine presence is seen as feminine. It is the intimate relationship between the Divine scheme of four World and man, that allows man's ascent more easily to Divine consciousness see Dveikus.

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    When will we start seeing comparative review of these systems? Thank you!!! Took the words out of my mouth. I already have the ps eye. I dont need another one. I would mind get the psvr with worlds then having to buy the ps move seperate. Or even a bundle with just them works.