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If they were found out, it could cause serious trouble for both sides. The Duke team took a circuitous route through town to avoid being followed, and, after they arrived, held their coats over their heads as they entered the gym. McLendon had the doors locked behind them. As the game started, both sides were distracted by the empty gym and the novelty. The players then integrated sides and played another game before going to a dormitory to talk for a few hours. To avoid any issues, the whole thing was kept out of the press. It remained unknown until , when the New York Times published an article about it.

His North Carolina College teams won eight black college basketball championships between and In , he took the head coach job with the Denver Rockets of the ABA, but lasted only a few months as the team got off to a start. That was McLendon's last coaching stint. He took a job as a company representative for Converse, where he worked for two decades.

He later said that college, with the close relationships that form between players and coaches, suited him more than the pro game, where players get traded and moved according to the dictates of management. McLendon ended his college coaching career with a record of , most of those coming during the heyday of the historical black colleges, when segregation made such schools the only option for many talented African-American players.

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He never got the chance to coach at a major college program such as Kansas, his alma mater. But he paved the way for many black coaches who followed. Your gift will also provide you access to the Gopher Loyalty Program to choose unique benefits offered throughout Gopher Athletics Learn More. Fast Break Club The Fast Break Club is an organization of dedicated basketball fans working to support the University of Minnesota women's basketball team. Join the Fast break Club today and become part of one of the best sports stories in Minnesota!

Some examples are:. No jump shots until 30 seconds have passed. No jump shots until 10 passes have been made. No jump shots until the ball has been reversed 5 times. No jump shots until the ball has touched the post twice. Running a transition offense, at least a good one, is a lot more than just running up and down the floor as fast as you can. For a break to be truly effective in a transition system, the break must fit seamlessly with which ever half court offense you have chosen to run.

The purpose for a transition system is to take advantage of your opponent's break downs while they are changing from offense to defense or from defense to offense. It is designed to take control of and lengthen the transition period. Openings will exist as your opponent is making the transition giving your team a great opportunity to take advantage of openings. It would be counter productive to your goals and objectives if you had to hold the ball out to reset your offense and give the defense a chance to organize and defend.

When running a transition game, I think the single most important things to establish are your break objectives. What do you want to get out of your break? Coaches do it with the offense. Coaches do it with the defense. How many coaches address it with their break?

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Are you going to be a coach who looks for 3-pointers off of the fast break? Are you going to say lay ups or short jumpers only? Do you want to create a frantic pace even at the risk of giving up easy baskets like Paul Westhead used to do with his Loyola Maramount teams?

Do you want to slow things down if you do not get a lay up and force the opposition to play defense for extended periods?

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You can allow the point guard to choose a side or if you prefer, you can specify that point always goes up a certain side ex: right side. The best and the simplest break I have ever experienced did not have multiple cuts or transition options. I have learned that it gets you up the court quickly and fits with any transition offense.

It is simple and you can teach it in a minute.

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I recommend that everyone try it, at least for a little while. The break is simple: If you are ahead of the ball, run wide; if you are behind the ball, run down the middle.

Everything else pretty much takes care of itself. You can figure out the trailers, you can figure out where the wings go. You can even have players run in the same lane. As long as they finish in spots where your offense can continue, there is no harm. In fact, if you have 2 players run in the same lane, as long as they are properly spaced, the first cutter will strip the defense for the second cutter and you might find opportunities where none were present before.

Competitive 1v1 Attack This fast break drill improves your ability to finish at the basket in a break situation. View all of our fast break and transition drills. Want to learn how to build your fast break and transition offense step by step?

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It will also show you how to seamlessly transition into your half court offense to keep the defense scrambling. As every great defensive coach will tell you, they play their best defense when they have their 5 players back. This DVD will show you how to take advantage of the defense when they're not set and currently in transition.

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It also includes many fast break and transition drills that build mentality, aggressiveness, decision-making, and basketball skills.