Manual Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer 3rd edition: What Works, What Doesnt, and Why

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Consider these food for thought for your resolutions. Counting on effectively reaching your customers on their couches during primetime is counting on missing many of them, as many viewers prefer to watch their shows at a different time and place of their choosing. When Videology first investigated these changes back in , viewing was in an upheaval and the industry was aware but cautious.

In an industry that is changing as rapidly as television and video viewing, two years is an incredibly long time. Sizmek Rich Media and Video Benchmarks Sizmek H1 Sizmek Research compiled key benchmarks like CTR, interactions, video starts and completes across a wide array of formats, verticals, and regions of the most important metrics advertisers need to know about for campaign performance. Sizmek Research analyzed 21 unique formats, more than 2, unique unit size combinations, over 1.

Engagement metrics i. You will know how many people saw your video ad but you cannot deduct from that how many people actually remembered the ad, liked the brand, and had an intention to buy. Growing numbers of advertisers are questioning whether they should be making the journey at all, contemplating reversing course and heading back to the familiar shores of traditional television.

However, in stark contrast to the recent quality and transparency challenges often associated with some long-tail and exchange-purchased video, premium video represents a beacon of light that brands can rely on to safely find the audiences that will deliver the best outcomes. Exploring New Video Ad Lengths YuMe May Shifts in the way people consume video content are changing how marketers strategize about video advertising. Increased consumption of snack-sized content, for example, has made shorter video ad formats more popular.

To help address these questions, YuMe and IPG Media Lab, partnered to evaluate the effectiveness of different video ad lengths, looking at micro and longer form ad formats, devices and consumer perspective. In this presentation, they shared a first look at findings from the Unruly Future Video Survey on what advertisers need to do and not do to engage audiences, with a special focus on Millennials. Filled with video case studies and new data, The Lowdown is an actionable playbook for creating respectful, engaging, and collaborative advertising experiences that benefit advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike.

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As investment in video platforms by publishers and video creative by marketers continues to grow, it is essential to consider, global trends in video consumption, role of video platform and format in influencing advertising awareness and receptivity across devices, and principles for media investment and strategy to maximize effectiveness of video creative. Adjust your strategy by creating content that earns the attention of millennials through ads that fit in natively. This study will take you through millennial perceptions, attitudes, and interaction with native advertising, neuroscience research and insights about native ad effectiveness, and how brands use native video ads to capture consumer attention.

Learn more in the Q4 Video Index. Combining TV data from sources like Nielsen with behavioral data, advertisers are amplifying their TV spend to reach consumers digitally across all devices. Innovid compiled all of their annual data and performance metrics from awareness, completions, engagement and time earned on video campaigns across various publisher placements and ad lengths. The dataset used for this report is one of the largest available on the usage and monetization of premium, rights managed video content, and comprised of over billion video views in This report reveals insight into video views on PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

These metrics will help you understand how various ad formats, publisher placements and ad lengths perform with respect to time earned, activity rate, engagement rate, completion rate, and much more. This report also introduces new benchmarks for cross-device campaigns. FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, Q4 FreeWheel February The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and seeks to highlight the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content.

With the rise of Facebook Video and Vine, they sought to compare the two emerging platforms to YouTube and provide you with content and distribution recommendations. This data provides actionable insights into consumer behavior and the factors that influence foot traffic. This data provides insights into consumer behavior that will continue to be relevant throughout Cuebiq Football Attribution Benchmark Cuebiq Now, more than ever, attribution, and the understanding of which ads impact consumer behavior and how, is a priority.

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In , This whitepaper will take a closer look at how marketers can implement these metrics and leverage footfall attribution into their campaign analysis. Black Friday also had the highest number of mobile shopping searches, with Thanksgiving coming in a close second. Think with Google uncovered the traits that define this new supershopper.

They also looked at December and how two of their merchants, in the UK and the in US, are responding to the challenge of Black Friday and adapting their strategy for success. Learn how optimized abandon cart trigger messages can increase transaction rates during the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season and more. Advertising Fraud in Mobile Apps Sizmek Research Before you make another mobile ad buy, read this important new research report from Sizmek.

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Advertisers are wasting a lot of ad spend on fraudulent, illegal, unstable, or otherwise low quality apps, and following a few simple recommendations can help save you big bucks. This report will give you a clear understanding of the problem, what it means for advertisers, and what you can do to protect your buy and your brand. Understanding Auction Dynamics: A Primer PubMatic As brand spend and premium content proliferate the programmatic space, themes of transparency have risen to the forefront of the conversation around programmatic.

At its core is the need for understanding and control, particularly around how auctions work. To shed light onto this complex and increasingly important topic, this white paper covers how the rules of access to supply are changing, the complex debate around auction types and integration methods, how floors and fees affect SSP and DSP behaviors, and more. Methods to Empower In-Content Advertising Innovations Mirriad Advances in advertising technology have paved the way for new ad formats that allow advertisers to deliver branded messaging and products through in-video advertising, inserting commercial and brand messages into video content itself.

While product placement is as old as television itself, AI and computer vision technology are transforming this ad format to allow in-video advertising to be integrated at unprecedented scale. This whitepaper explores aspects of the format in more detail. Even as retail activity has shifted to online channels, retailers are pivoting their in-store strategies, blurring the lines between digital and physical environments to create a seamless experience for customers.

This quarter saw some shifts in consumer behavior, with the summer season leading to road trips and frequent driving. Want to send a discount coupon for lunch at a nearby restaurant? Send an alert. Promote shoes on sale at the local mall? Send an… you get the idea. This quarter saw some shifts in consumer behavior, with the warmer weather giving a boost to weekend travel and visit frequency. Understanding Liquidity: How machine learning helps media teams work smarter Facebook May Machine learning uses algorithms to determine trends and relationships within a dataset, which can be used for explaining observed effects or predicting future outcomes in real time.

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Systems based on machine learning are able to evaluate opportunities faster than any human being possibly could. In advertising, machine learning allows media teams to automate the more tedious parts of their jobs, like deciding which calls to action work best for which audience, where to serve the ads and when. With this in mind, Nielsen launched the first in an annual series of CMO reports. Across nearly all business verticals, marketers reported large shifts in how they evaluate, measure and budget across media channels. People have moved away from desktops and have embraced the ease and convenience of mobile devices.

By embracing video that is custom-tailored for the mobile device and also the behavior of a mobile user, advertisers are now able to achieve superior performance that only video can deliver. Tattoo a tagline on their bicep? Or make a brand logo the wallpaper on their smartphone? Brand love is something every brand wants, but not every brand gets. Major themes include rising header bidding monetization opportunities worldwide, the increasing popularity of mobile private marketplaces PMPs , video ads spreading globally and into mobile, and the alignment of Back-to-School mobile advertising patterns with overall spending trends.

We can then compare this information to other published data to further understand changes in the mobile landscape. Note that directional data might not be comparable with prior reports. Pursuing The Mobile Moment Verve Pursuing The Mobile Moment, a June commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Verve, presents new research into how mobile advertisers in North America use location data — how it informs their advertising efforts, what challenges they face, and what benefits they receive.

Foot Traffic Report: For the Fuel and Convenience Store Industry GasBuddy and Cuebiq Q1 As the convenience store industry adapts to meet customer needs and grow market share, location intelligence is becoming increasingly critical to understanding consumer habits and behaviors. PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index QMI for Q1 PubMatic May The Q1 QMI report identifies six key trends that emerged in the first quarter of the year, including highlights around the increased global adoption of header bidding and private marketplaces PMPs as well as growth in mobile video and app inventory, and what these trends mean for publishers and advertisers alike.

Feed vs. Read: Is Context King? Kargo March Download the infographic Analyzing the impact of different mobile environments on ad performance. Brand names and physical footprints are no longer the decision-drivers they once were. Consumers have turned their trust to whatever they can pull up on their smartphones, from peer reviews to best-selling item rankings.

Integral Ad Science set out to understand the market challenges and identify what it would take to deliver third-party verification at scale for their customers and partners. In opening a dialogue across the digital advertising community, IAS learned that the best solution was to open source their proprietary software.

This report delves into the market challenges of measuring viewability in-app and the advantages of open sourcing for the industry. Answering the Call for Better Mobile Advertising Experiences Yieldmo December Our findings suggest that both advertisers and publishers need to develop mobile ad experiences of a consistently higher quality.

By focusing on better ad experiences for consumers, advertisers can increase brand recall while reaping the added benefits of higher brand favorability and purchase intent.

Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer

Publishers can also capitalize on more user-friendly ad experiences by improving the favorability of their brand. And that may just lead to more loyal readers. The question for retailers is: Are you prepared to meet these shoppers in the moments that matter most?

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Explore this guide—full of new research on consumer trends—to find out how to be there and be useful in this new digital landscape. Hispanic population. Hispanic Millennials are no longer a small sub-segment of the U. The core purpose of this report is to address three basic concepts equally applicable to all categories of media measurement: how many, how often, and how long. Latino Power Shift Nielsen October This report, produced by Nielsen using demographic and behavioral data gathered from various sources, demonstrates the rising prominence of Latinas as head of households, key decision makers and primary wage earners among US families.

Importantly, these consumers are distinct from other consumer groups, and understanding this group is critical to making lasting connections.

What is Subliminal Advertising, and does it work?

If they can, it opens up opportunities well beyond U. Spanish speakers.